Partner Organizations

We are grateful for incredible partner organizations that have made our work possible:

Bingham McCutchen LLP has provided TeamWorks with pro bono legal counsel since 2004. Attorney and Bingham Partner Bart Deamer played a critical role in developing the innovative financial and legal structure used by TeamWork cooperatives (see our paper, Laypersons Guide to TeamWorks Legal and Financial Structures, for information).

The Massena Foundation has invested in TeamWorks since 2008.  It is a family foundation focused on opening doors to opportunity and helping all to reap the rewards of work and investment.

Opportunity Fund manages the TeamWorks Capital Fund which has financed the development of TeamWorks cooperatives.  San Jose-based Opportunity Fund is a non-profit community development financial institution (CDFI) that is widely-recognized for its leadership in the development of micro- and small-business finance.

Sacred Heart Community Service is incubating the development of TeamWorks by hosting its training, research, and strategic development work within the agency. Sacred Heart is a Silicon Valley non-profit leader in work addressing poverty. It serves nearly 50,000 people each year through a wide array of resources, services, and community-involvement initiatives that bring together people from all walks of life to build a just community.

Star Apple Edible and Fine Gardening founder and principal Leslie Bennett is a technical consultant assisting with the development of TeamWorks Sustainable Landscape Maintenance. Star Apple and TeamWorks also partner on organic edible garden and traditional landscape installation projects in the South Bay, with Star Apple leading the design aspects of the work.

Watershed Watch has provided green gardener certification training and testing for everyone working at TeamWorks Sustainable Landscape Maintenance. Watershed Watch is a consortium of fifteen local government agencies in Silicon Valley that work together protect local waterways from toxic pollution.