Security, privacy, and safety are critical priorities of ours. Because our business is owned by the workers doing the cleaning, everyone at TeamWorks takes pride in providing the best possible service and protecting our clients’ homes.

Our commitments to you:

  • Insured and bonded. TeamWorks carries liability insurance and a surety bond.
  • House keys. Most of our clients provide us a key to their home. Keys are labeled only with a numbered code and are kept separate from your customer file (it would be useless to others).
  • Third party access to your home. Our team will not answer the door or allow other service providers onto your premises unless explicit arrangements have been made with us ahead of time.
  • Privacy. Everyone at TeamWorks understands that protecting your household privacy is among our most important responsibilities.

To assist us in providing the highest level of security and safety, we ask our clients to be mindful of:

  • Children. Please be sure that children are kept out of the way of cleaning operations while our team is at your home.
  • Fragile items. Either during the estimate or the first cleaning visit, please point out any particularly fragile items.
  • Pets. Except for housecats, pets must be caged or outside of the house when cleaning operations are underway.